Brad Uhlig

Brad Uhlig


I’m a real estate broker specializing in residential investment properties in Denver.  I handle anything from a condo/single family home to a 20 unit apartment building, but my sweet spot is 2 to 8 unit multi-family properties in and around Denver.

Over the past 12 years I’m proud to have helped hundreds of investors achieve their financial goals through investing in real estate, and I’m humbled by the brilliant people I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from in this business.  I’ve also learned a LOT through owning, rehabbing, and managing my own properties and am happy to share my experiences, both good and bad.

If you’re looking to buy or sell investment property, even if it’s your first single family rental or flip, I encourage you not to settle for using an inexperienced friend, or relative.  Use someone that’s been there and done that, who has the experience and resources to be your guide and help you along the way.  Even my most experienced clients appreciate that I speak their language and know how they think.


"Brad, Many thanks for your excellent guidance during the preparation, marketing, and sale of our Denver property. Though it was a longer, bumpier road than any of us would have liked, your knowledge and professionalism were tremendously helpful. We truly appreciate the integrity you displayed throughout the process. We also appreciate your constant availability, and are elated with the results!"

Elizabeth Frank