About West Peak Properties

At West Peak Properties our mission is to help our clients create cash flow and accumulate wealth through investing in real estate. We are here to help you find compelling on and off market opportunities, add value to your properties, find and retain quality tenants at top market rents, and sell or exchange properties when the time is right for you. Our goal is to be your resource to help you start investing, build your portfolio, and live a better life through the financial freedom your investments allow.

We understand the unique challenges investors face and can guide you through the obstacles. Finding and negotiating the right deal, getting the right people to help you with improvement projects, and finding and managing tenants (just to name a few) can be daunting.

We have over 40 years of combined experience brokering investment property transactions ranging from land and single family properties to 20 unit apartment buildings. We also own and manage properties ourselves and have done fix and flips, buy-rehab-rent-refinance-repeat projects, and larger property repositioning projects. We can refer tradesmen, lenders, estate planners, 1031 exchange facilitators, retirement planning professionals, CPA’s, and anyone else you may need along your journey. We are happy to share our experience as well as what we have learned from others along the way.

With us, you’ll have instant access to the knowledge and network you need to be successful.

We invite you to sit down with one of us to: 

1. Determine what you have currently and what your immediate and future goals are. 
2. Strategize with you the best way to achieve those goals and create an investment plan
3. Help you execute your plan

Whether you want to start investing or are a seasoned investor who wants expert assistance buying and selling, call us today!


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